About ZeroAvia And Its Significant Impact To Environmental Change

The Tesla company has made a record of delivering over 102,000 electric vehicles in 2017. The person behind this idea is also optimistic that a time would come when airplanes will also use batteries to move instead of fuel. In the same year, 2007, the start-up ZeroAvia was co-founded by Valery Miftakhov who holds a doctorate in physics. Valery is an alumnus of Princeton Campus. He developed a system that uses hydrogen fuel cells to run electric motors. He got support from Hong Kong Tycoons and private investors, British Airways, and the UK government. In 2020, the firm tested its first fuel-cell flight with zero hydrogen emission.




The location of ZeroAvia is Cranfield northwest, London. The firm is optimistic that by the end of 2024, it will be producing commercial flights. Most of its flights will be accommodating 10-20 flights. And by 2026, it hopes to have flights that accommodate an average of 80 passengers. Come 2030, ZeroAvia will be making single-aisle jets with a capacity of 100 customers. Also, in the recent news, Australia’s military is making plans of doing away with the Taipan helicopters and using nuclear powered planes. This is because of the advanced aviation technology and its effectiveness.


The Airbus firm is the main designer of the 47 Taipan Helicopters owned by the Australian military. The Australian government was optimistic that the planes would last up to 2037. However, as time went by, they would purchase a total of 40 helicopters designed by the Martin company. As ZeroAvia staff members state, this would cost the Australian military government a total of 4. Billion US dollars. The ZeroAvia firm since its establishment has brought a significant impact on the aviation sector and the economy in general. It will always be acknowledged for its zero-emission ships and planes that are environmentally friendly. By 2050, the industry would contribute to 25-50 percent growth in climate.