Importance of Listening to Teachers: ClassDojo Built One of the Most Popular Classroom Apps by Listening To Teachers

One of the cool features that ClassDojo enables is the “Share a Cool Back to School Moment” feature that lets the teacher share highlights from their day in an Instagram-style video that is embedded in the feed. Another cool feature is the back-to-school reminder that pops up on their smartphone or tablet, asking “What happened this morning?” This feature sends a reminder at the start of each day that says, “Remember, the rest of your day begins with making it a great one. Please check in today and share a Cool Back to School Moment and a smile for the kids.” The reminder appears at the top of the home screen of each device for 30 days after school starts.

ClassDojo sets out to help teachers improve their instruction and motivate students. When a student’s attendance is good, he or she is awarded stars, and when a student is tardy to class, he or she gets a star taken away. Student grades are determined by class level, with higher grades reflecting a higher likelihood of a high school diploma or some other credential.

Who is it for? ClassDojo works best for teachers who are most familiar with the classroom. The app was originally built for English-speaking parents, teachers, and administrators to use when communicating with their students. The company first focused on parents and the other trusted sources for students and parents to communicate.

Fast forward to early 2017, ClassDojo decided to extend their reach to include schools and teachers and also tailor their features to suit schools, including school calendars and the like. The founders were clear to see that teachers were doing the bulk of the work and so they created a streamlined and secure way for teachers to communicate with parents and students.

When ClassDojo started, there were no real learning apps. Facebook and Snapchat hadn’t been around. The market was fragmented and unproven. The social networks were not very interactive, and you couldn’t find a single video-based company that integrated education and social media. It enables teachers to provide feedback and suggestions for an application that impacts their entire class and the lives of their children.