Mark J. Holterman: Introducing Development in Medical Research

Dr. Mark J. Holterman is a renowned American pediatric surgeon who works at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center. He is also working as a professor in University of Illinois College of Medicine, specializing in subjects related to medicine. He is also an active member of professional groups and organizations, including the American College of Surgeons, and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AskReporter). Aside from his stint as a pediatric surgeon and a professor, Dr. Mark J. Holterman is also known for his research in the field of regenerative medicine, including stem cell treatment. He wanted to liberate the world from the plague of obesity especially among American children and dreaded cancer which still has no cure.


Dr. Mark J. Holterman graduated from Yale University where he received his degree in Biology, and he was also awarded for being the class cum laude. He continued his studies and attended the University of Virginia where he received his master’s and doctor’s degree. He attended the University of Virginia Health Sciences for his residency and the University of Washington Children’s Hospital and Medical for his fellowship.


A lot of innovation and development in the field of medical science has been contributed by the research and studies of Dr. Mark J. Holterman. He founded the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies along with his colleagues, an organization whose main objective is to create treatments for diseases that have no cure and to use regenerative medicine to its full potential. Presently, they are focusing on stem cell treatment because of its effectivity. Being the organization’s executive board, he allowed the partnership between the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies and CellR4, a scientific journal that publishes information gathered from the conferences and conventions hosted by Dr. Mark J. Holterman’s organization (


Dr. Mark Holterman is also working to get rid of diabetes. His research about diabetes recently received an award from one of the prestigious award-giving bodies in the United States. They are recognizing his effort and works to help the people suffering from the disease.



Stream Energy Philanthropic Side

It is in times of trouble when you know your friends. Stream Energy is a genuine friend as it is there for the community during the tough times. Its recent philanthropic work was the donation the company made to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey (SaveOnEnergy). Larry Mondry, the President, and CEO of Stream Energy noted that the cause is vital to the organization as it is helping their affected customers in Houston and the surrounding areas.


Stream Cares is the firm’s philanthropic arm through it, Stream Energy supports people who have been made homeless for different reasons. Stream Cares donated twenty-five thousand dollars to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for the people affected along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. The donation made in August was meant to assist the thirty thousand people who lost their homes and more than three hundred who experienced power outrage. Stream Cares is also accepting food and other supplies from people who want to give a hand to those victims. The CEO also said that Stream Energy would keep an eye on the situation and provides more support where they can.


About Stream Energy

Stream Energy founded in 2005 is the top company in direct selling and provider of connected life services. For the last twelve years, the company has generated over eight billion dollars in revenue due to their innovative direct selling in the energy industry. Stream Energy provides wireless, energy, home and protection services to its customers. The firm has grown amazingly fast as it started by selling energy by word of mouth.


Future plans

In 2016, Stream Energy unveiled its plan to offer clean energy to its customers. The Smart 30 WaterSaver Green & Clean Plan is to help in reducing global warming ( Stream Energy desires to make the world safer and cleaner, for that they are offering clean energy to replace the fossils fuel. Global warming is becoming a big concern, and the fact that Stream Energy is doing something to help is a good show. The energy company is also planning to give customers intelligent sprinkler controllers to assist in the regulation of water to help in conservation.

Dr. Jorge Moll Neto: Brilliant Surgeon and Entrepreneur

Dr. Jorge Moll Neto is a Brazilian heart surgeon and entrepreneur. He is the founder of D’Or Hospital Network and president of D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching. Established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, D’Or Hospital Network has expanded to 32 hospitals around the country.


In a recent medical symposium, Jorge Moll highlighted some milestones for the hospital network. He traced the origins of D’Or Hospital Network to the poor quality public health services in Brazil. According to Jorge Moll, his solution to poor services was the establishment of a network of hospitals in Rio de Janeiro. The D’Or Hospital Network faced many hurdles including cash flow limitations and debt servicing. Also, the health network experienced a reduction in patient numbers arising from the Brazilian financial crisis. During the crisis, a lot of people abandoned the hospital network for public health service or other health providers.


To overcome these obstacles, Jorge Moll introduced what he referred to as “Total Health Management Model.” This model sought to provide quality and affordable health care using qualified professionals and technology. The model will ensure proper patient management from the casualty, through treatment to discharge.


Moreover, Jorge Moll reiterated the hospital network’s commitment to quality which has seen some of their hospitals receiving international recognition. One of the flagship hospitals under the system is the luxurious Star Cup hospital in Copacabana ( This hospital used 400 million Reais to set up and employs over 600 medical professionals. The Copa Star’s interior décor garnished with woody tones, and a citrus touch ensures that the smell of ether, associated with hospitals is non-existent. Also, the Copa Star is designed to make use of natural illumination which emits a welcoming aura of tranquility.


Jorge Moll studied medical science at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He attained his Ph.D ( in 2004 from Sao Paul University after completing his Neurology therapeutic residence. Jorge Moll has immensely contributed to the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit where he heads. One of the Moll research is the foundation of the affinitive emotions and altruism. He discovered that involving yourself in charity work has the same effect as engaging in a pleasurable activity.

Doe Deere’s Pursuit of Greatness

Have you ever heard of Doe Deere? Are you interested in the cosmetics industry? Doe Deere, and her company Lime Crime is one of the worldwide leaders in this dynamic category. Deere is actually from Russia, and she moved to the United States at the age of 17. Her dreams and aspirations were for being a musician. To some degree, this dream came true as she played in a local band. Her time spent in New York City was eye-opening. She actually spent a majority of her life in this city, and her stomping grounds were mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Deere, and her husband share many of the same passions in life. These two souls seem to be meant for each other as they actually met while playing in the same band. Deere’s passion for fashion would soon take over, and she pursued it to the fullest at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. This is the place where Deere learned the game in a sense. She has always been an entrepreneur to some degree as she sold temporary tattoos to her childhood friends. Her Russian friends seemed to admire the flare and style as Deere made it popular to wear novelties such as temporary tattoos. “The key to success is to stay in-touch with yourself,” said Deere. She has also stated that some of the best advice is to follow your heart.


In 2008, Lime Crime was officially launched, and it has changed the game thanks to its unique sense of style. The brand’s Velvetine Collection is its best-seller as these exclusive lipsticks provide some of the brightest of colors. Lime Crime is all about expression while not being apologetic about it. The brand sells lipsticks, foundation, hair dye, eyeliner and more. As of today, Lime Crime is a worldwide powerhouse and Doe Deere is in full-control while steering this ship to even more success. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein Gives Legal Advice on Offering Stock Options

Numerous issues force organizations to curtail the provision of stock options to their employees. Jeremy Goldstein outlines three major ones that include the possibility of stock value dropping considerably thus becoming difficult for employees to manage their choices. Many stockholders will overhang the options because they need to add the associated expenditure in their reports. Secondly, the stock options may create substantial accounting burdens with the relevant costs eclipsing the financial benefits of the derivatives. Lastly, most of the employees usually become burdened by this compensation model because the options become worthless with economic downturns.


However, there are still many advantages of providing stock options to employees. The staff members easily understand stock options hence this kind of compensation continues to gain preference for additional insurance coverage, equities, or wages. The stock options offer a better alternative to all staff. Also, because the stock derivatives only lead to increased personal earnings whenever the company’s share value increases, the employees always get motivated to achieve more considerable success for the institution as their priority. The employees will work towards attracting desirable customers, satisfying their existing clients, and developing services that are innovative. From the company’s perspective, it is often cheaper to offer options other than shares, especially for top executives.


Jeremy Goldstein maintains that companies can still minimize excessive costs while continuing to provide stock options to their employees so long as they employ the correct strategy. The organization must ensure minimal overhang and minimal expenses. Therefore, the best option according to Jeremy Goldstein is to adopt a knockout barrier option. The knockout options have same vesting requirements as well as time limits as the ideal options. Nevertheless, if the shares go below a certain amount, the employees would lose them. The mechanism reduces initial accounting expenses and executive compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein is a famous attorney that many corporations turn to when they require legal advice concerning the provision of employee benefits. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates which has a dedication towards the provision of legal information related to corporate governance and executive compensation. He has vast experience through his involvement with significant corporate transactions such as Goodrich’s acquisition by the United Technologies.


Jeremy Goldstein is among the leading compensation lawyers. Jeremy speaks and writes about executive compensation and corporate governance. He is also a director of Fountain House which is a charity that dedicates itself to assisting people to recover from mental illness.


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