Stream Energy Philanthropic Side

It is in times of trouble when you know your friends. Stream Energy is a genuine friend as it is there for the community during the tough times. Its recent philanthropic work was the donation the company made to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey (SaveOnEnergy). Larry Mondry, the President, and CEO of Stream Energy noted that the cause is vital to the organization as it is helping their affected customers in Houston and the surrounding areas.


Stream Cares is the firm’s philanthropic arm through it, Stream Energy supports people who have been made homeless for different reasons. Stream Cares donated twenty-five thousand dollars to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for the people affected along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. The donation made in August was meant to assist the thirty thousand people who lost their homes and more than three hundred who experienced power outrage. Stream Cares is also accepting food and other supplies from people who want to give a hand to those victims. The CEO also said that Stream Energy would keep an eye on the situation and provides more support where they can.


About Stream Energy

Stream Energy founded in 2005 is the top company in direct selling and provider of connected life services. For the last twelve years, the company has generated over eight billion dollars in revenue due to their innovative direct selling in the energy industry. Stream Energy provides wireless, energy, home and protection services to its customers. The firm has grown amazingly fast as it started by selling energy by word of mouth.


Future plans

In 2016, Stream Energy unveiled its plan to offer clean energy to its customers. The Smart 30 WaterSaver Green & Clean Plan is to help in reducing global warming ( Stream Energy desires to make the world safer and cleaner, for that they are offering clean energy to replace the fossils fuel. Global warming is becoming a big concern, and the fact that Stream Energy is doing something to help is a good show. The energy company is also planning to give customers intelligent sprinkler controllers to assist in the regulation of water to help in conservation.