Securus Technologies Helps Inmates be Successful

Securus Technologies has led the way for correctional facility defense for the last three decades. Beginning in the late 1980s, Securus Technologies has expanded from their headquarter office in Dallas, Texas and has expanded throughout the state of Texas and also has a regional office in the state of Georgia located in the city of Atlanta.


Securus Technologies has made it their life work to not only keep inmates safe from the crime inside correctional facilities but to also help prepare them to become productive civilians when they leave the prison system.


Securus Technologies uses several innovations to help correctional facilities keep inmate crime at a minimum. Cell Defender is one such innovative product. This product allows a correctional facility to set up sensors throughout their building so that when a contraband cell phone is used it picks up the signal and locates that cell phone. Cell Defender will then take a cell phone and scan into data in search of keywords that signal inmate crime.


Securus Technologies also has created a product which is aptly called Wireless Containment Solutions. Wireless Containment Solutions specifically targets and annihilates the cell phones’ Wi-Fi capability.


In addition to these products which decrease inmate crime, Securus Technologies will replace those cell phones with ones that they have created which allow inmates to have a better life.


The cell phones created by Securus Technologies allows an inmate to use their visitation hours to call and video chat with their families at home. In addition to this wonderful thing, the cell phone will also allow the inmate to pursue a college degree online. Through the cell phone, an inmate has a true college experience where they are expected to read textbooks, do homework, and turn in reports. This helps them to secure a job upon release.


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