Making the Best of Wealth and Assets with the Help of Richard Blair

The desire and passion to grow wealth and assets does not come by chance, and so was the case for Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. He is a determined, focused, knowledgeable and an above-the-ranks expert in the investment industry. He pursued his first degree in the University of Houston where he graduated with a finance specialty in 1993. He went on to start his own assets and wealth management company in 1994 and named it Wealth Solutions. Besides being recognized as an expert in investment advising, Richard is also certified as a fund specialist, tax specialist, retirement income professional and annuity specialist.


In his experience, Richard has learned that there is need for a system to be in place for his company to thrive in the investment industry. As such, he came up with three pillars, which serve as a yardstick to his company. One of the pillars is having a long-term strategy in place. According to Wealth Solutions, this principle ensures that every client has a unique set of hands for the investment made. As such, every investment comes with different liquidity needs and financial goals. Having a strategy has helped Richard and his team to determine the best time to invest in the market. As such, Wealth Solutions has been able to help its clients’ portfolio grow and maximize to their full potential.


Secondly, Richard recognizes that a strategy, no matter how good it may look, does not work unless there is a roadmap in play. The strategy, therefore, acts as a part of the bigger picture, which is the roadmap or plan. As a result, the plan must take into consideration the risk tolerance of each investment, probable growth opportunities as well as existing strengths and weaknesses. All these factors play a major role in determining the trends to follow for this experienced assets and wealth firm.


The last principle focuses on direct benefits to the clients. To do this effectively, Wealth Solutions came up with insurance policies that offer annuities to all its clients. Richard points out that these annuities focus on long-term care as well as life insurance. As such, he considers these two policies as a means of appreciation to his clients. The insurance policies are also tailored to feature certain specifics required by each client.


In general, Wealth Solutions provides a platform that cares for both its clients and their wealth. This platform has since grown from advising individuals to small and medium enterprises.


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