Mike Baur Advice on Organization Structure and Communication

Mike Baur is a successful business visionary who has vast knowledge in the world of banking. Due to various young entrepreneurs, he handled while in the banking sector, he understands the challenges that may hinder businesses from thriving. In an aim to assist the new business visionaries in the market he started a business incubator that would provide an environment for new businesses to thrive in the market. In the incubator, he understands the needs of the business and thus he is able to assist the businesses to acquire resources necessary for growth in the global market. He also offers expert assistance in the line of marketing, finance allocation and accumulation, the organizational structure of the business, Executive business management and policy formulation for the businesses.

Mike Baur notes that one of the critical elements in business is communication. In this point, he acknowledges that communication enables the business to run efficiently and grow faster. He notes various types of communication as the vertical communication and the horizontal communication. Mike Baur emphasizes that for an entrepreneur to understand the two modes of communications one should be conversant with the organizational structure of the business.

Mike Baur notes that the organizational structure should be a clear one that can easily be outlined on a chart. All departments should be headed by one central executive. He notes that each department similarly should have a person heading it. He outlines some of the departments as follows; the procurement department that deals with the purchasing of the materials required in the business, the production department that will be responsible for processing or producing the final products for clients and the marketing department that will seek for potential clients who will buy the products of the business.

According to Mike Baur, there should be a clear central objective that all the department should adhere to while conducting the operations. The common objective should be formulated by the central executive management that should be well communicated vertically to the heads of the various departments. On this note, the heads of departments are required to communicate the same to the junior employees of the firm in their departments. Another mode of communication that Mike Baur outlines as vital is the use of horizontal communication. This ensures that there is communication amongst the departments of the business. Since all heads of departments have the same rank, then their communication is known as horizontal communication.


UAE’ Real Estate Leader, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a wealthy entrepreneur based in the United Arab Emirates. He has worked hard over the years to become a leader in the real estate sector. Sajwani is the founder and chair of DAMAC properties. The company specializes in project and property management. Prior to establishing his own business, Hussain served at GASCO as a contacts manager. He worked in the hospitality industry, where he rendered excellent catering services. The Hussain Sajwani family is the DAMAC owner.



DAMAC properties began its operations in 2002, with Hussain Sajwani as its CEO. It deals in both commercial and residential units. To distinguish itself from other real estate firms, it has partnered with some of UAE’s best contractors. The company constructs unique and luxury properties. With over 2000 employees, DAMAC is considered a benchmark in the real estate sector.



Hussain Sajwani was able to create a successful business because he has a friendly demeanor that allows him to interact with other business owners and leaders. Since 2012, the firm has managed to construct more than 16,000 homes. DAMAC Properties collaborates with luxury brands to create high-end units. This form of partnership allows them to stay ahead of their competition. Also, it enables them to introduce innovative and state of the art concepts into their designs.



Sajwani’s network consists of influential business people like President Donald Trump. DAMAC has worked on a number of projects with the Trump Organization. Both firms are interested in the real estate market of the UAE. One of the notable projects they’ve completed together is the Trump International Course located in Dubai. The establishment is a beautiful golf club for high-profile individuals.



Hussain Sajwani’s relationship with Donald Trump extends to their families. When Trump was elected into office, he acknowledged the presence of Hussain and his family. The businessman believes that his relationship with the president will grow stronger. At one of the events he attended, Sajwani said that he intends to do more business with the Trump family.



Over the years, Hussain Sajwani has supported several charitable projects. He provides basic needs to the less fortunate through the Ramadhan Initiative. Additionally, he offers housing to the homeless through various non-profits.


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