Doe Deere’s Pursuit of Greatness

Have you ever heard of Doe Deere? Are you interested in the cosmetics industry? Doe Deere, and her company Lime Crime is one of the worldwide leaders in this dynamic category. Deere is actually from Russia, and she moved to the United States at the age of 17. Her dreams and aspirations were for being a musician. To some degree, this dream came true as she played in a local band. Her time spent in New York City was eye-opening. She actually spent a majority of her life in this city, and her stomping grounds were mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Deere, and her husband share many of the same passions in life. These two souls seem to be meant for each other as they actually met while playing in the same band. Deere’s passion for fashion would soon take over, and she pursued it to the fullest at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. This is the place where Deere learned the game in a sense. She has always been an entrepreneur to some degree as she sold temporary tattoos to her childhood friends. Her Russian friends seemed to admire the flare and style as Deere made it popular to wear novelties such as temporary tattoos. “The key to success is to stay in-touch with yourself,” said Deere. She has also stated that some of the best advice is to follow your heart.


In 2008, Lime Crime was officially launched, and it has changed the game thanks to its unique sense of style. The brand’s Velvetine Collection is its best-seller as these exclusive lipsticks provide some of the brightest of colors. Lime Crime is all about expression while not being apologetic about it. The brand sells lipsticks, foundation, hair dye, eyeliner and more. As of today, Lime Crime is a worldwide powerhouse and Doe Deere is in full-control while steering this ship to even more success. Learn more: