Sussex Healthcare Audiology Setting The Bar High For Audiology Services Providers In The UK

Sussex Healthcare (SHC) Audiology is a healthcare solutions provider that is currently working in collaboration with the National Health Service to provide additional care in terms of unmatched audiology services in Sussex, Surrey, and Berkshire. The organization’s working arrangement with the National Health Service entails a number of services including but not limited to the assessment for hearing difficulties associated with old age, fitting of hearing aids for individuals diagnosed with hearing loss, provision of hearing aid aftercare services for NHS and last but not least is the support of consultant-led Ear Nose and Throat clinics in selected areas. SHC’s main goal is to be able to provide top-notch clinical care to each and every patient.

Since inception, Sussex Healthcare Audiology has and always will commit themselves to perpetuate and maintain the highest possible standards on both professional and ethical fronts. In a deliberate and conscious effort to achieve this, Sussex Healthcare Audiology has managed to assemble a team of passionate audiologists who are highly trained and well experienced at what they do using the latest and most advanced equipment in the industry.


Another measure that SHC Audiology has taken to ensure that the highest humanly possible standards are delivered and maintained as a member of the Care Quality Commission is the development of a strong clinical governance framework that ensures the safety of its staff and patients, and other risk management practices including regular inspection of infection causing agents.

The SHC Audiology have been accredited by a number of industry authorities including the United Kingdom Accreditation Service which The Royal College of Physicians have mandated to manage and deliver the IQPIS standard, the only accreditation scheme that is nationally accepted for audiology service providers in the United Kingdom and SHC Audiology pride themselves with being among the few industry players who have successfully attained these standards. Above all, the management at SHC Audiology has taken it to themselves to ensure that all of their employees have attained the right qualifications and possess enough experience before they are assigned to undertake any given task.

Some of the patients who have received services at their facilities have all given positive feedback for instance with one saying that they are pleased with the results after using their deaf aids and sincerely thanking them for their service. Another patient expressed their gratitude to their immediate support personnel saying that she was most helpful, friendly and that they couldn’t ask for more.