The Financial Planning Advice By Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the Founder of Wealth Solutions. This company offers top services to its clients in order to help them grow and manage their assets. In fact, clients consider Richard Blair to be a resourceful advisor. He is highly experienced as well as qualified too. His certifications include CAS, CES, besides RICP as well as CFS. Learn more:



Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas. It is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Learn more:



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions advises everyone to have a solid plan in order to pursue their financial goals. His company is providing services in wealth management as well as retirement planning to its clients in Austin, Texas. Learn more:



There is a three pillar approach being followed by this company. This way the firm is able to realize the financial situation of the clients along with their retirement needs. This allows the firm to come up with a customized plan to suit each client.



The first pillar helps the client to lay down their financial roadmap. This would mean identifying the strengths, and goals, besides the risk tolerance as well as growth opportunities for the client. This helps to understand the client. Hence it becomes easy to come out with a proper financial roadmap to be followed by them.



The second pillar will be used for developing a long-term strategy. This has to be designed to meet the varying investment needs of their client. It has to be specifically tailored as per the liquidity needs as well as the investment goals of the client. This is where Richard Blair suggests reallocation as well as managing of the assets in a way to ensure optimum performance of the portfolio of the client. This would be when the market is stable. Besides, the impact to the portfolio of the client should be minimalized when the market is not going through a positive period.



The third pillar is about determining the goals of the client. Now strategies have to be developed in order to achieve them. This would include long-term care that would mean life insurance and annuities.



Richard Blair comes from a family that had a teaching background. Now he wants to provide financial advice to individuals, as well as small businesses along with families. He realized how teaching enhances knowledge as well as the confidence of a person.



Today, his firm is providing unbiased as well as objective advice to its clients without any conflict of interest. Richard Blair has a lot of knowledge and skill to be able to impart financial knowledge to clients. Learn more:




David McDonald, Steering OSI To Successful Global Expansion

David McDonald is the President of the OSI Group, a leading company that offers deliveries of food products. The OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, III and operates internationally. The organization boasts of having branches all over the world running over 50 offices in more than 17 countries. David says that the company’s global operation gives them the advantage of reaching every individual cultural taste. This is made possible by their very own local management teams in the different nations.

OSI’s President, David McDonald, recognizes the company’s advancement in China where it has operated for 20 years. It is even anticipated to be China’s biggest poultry producer having two more new facilities yet to be put up and eight factories that are currently operating. China is among OSI’s greatest focus, and the expansion and growth of its consumer market cannot go unnoticed. Other than China, OSI Group achievements are conspicuous all over. For instance in Poland, OSI succeeded in introducing a beef-processing equipment whereas, in Shandong Province, a new modern feed mill was established.

David McDonald OSI Group adds that in as much as growth is important to them, the quality of service is more important, and therefore they strive to go a notch higher to inspect and ensure that their products are fit for consumption. For instance, the company has acquired Baho Food, and he says that this is vital for wider recognition in Europe.

David McDonald’s Background Information

In 1987, he attained his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and also received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. David resides at Warrenville together with his wife, Malinda, and their six children. Just after graduating, David started pursuing his career in Chicago with the OSI industries where he has built his empire to date as its current Chief Operating Officer and President. He is a good example of leaders who started from the bottom and through hard work, worked their way to the top.

For People That are Feeling Depressed, Fabletics Provides The Solution

There are many cases when people feel depressed. It seems to come out of the blue. One of the things that they can do is try to look to the root of their depression. However, one of the best ways that people can handle their depression is by taking care of their appearance. This is where fashion comes in. When people have a wardrobe that they are bored with, it is not going to be very helpful with their depression. However, as people update their wardrobe with some of the more imaginative outfits, they are going to stimulate their creativity which in turn stimulates happier feelings.


Fortunately, Fabletics offers people a way to stimulate their emotions in multiple aspects of their lives. For one thing, Fabletics is an athletic clothing company that offers different types of style for athletic clothing. People don’t have to resort to putting on dull and boring styles. The more bold and daring cuts is what is going to bring about the motivation for people to do their exercises with a high amount of passion. One thing that could be said for exercise is that it stimulates the secretion of hormones that make the body feel a lot better. It also improves moods for people that are suffering from low moods.


Fabletics as a business cares about the emotional well being of their customers. This is why they make sure that the customers get what they want. The customer is encouraged to take the Lifestyle quiz as soon as she signs. This helps her find her style. When she answers the questions about her lifestyle preferences, she is then directed to the items that matches her choices. At the same time, she has the option of choosing other options. For one thing, Fabletics does not want to limit people. Style is all about self expression.


One thing with Fabletics is that the custom experience is the one answer to people’s emotional issues. After all, people are not going to be able to love themselves if they are not allowed to be themselves through fashion and other means.

Hussein Sajwani CEO Damac Group

Hussein Sajwain is the chief executive officer of Damac Group. People refer to him as the Damac owner. Damac Group is a company that invests in the real estate industry. It constructs buildings for the wealthy people in the society. The society is currently moving into different sophisticated lifestyles. These lifestyles will be supported by the solutions offered by Damac Properties. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

The group construct houses and commercial centers for rich people in the society and multinational companies. Many companies are going global because the world is turning into a village. Many companies demand exceptional working spaces that can be associated with their brand when they open new branches. This shows the relevance of the enterprise in the industry.

Hussain Sajwani is the CEO of the group. He is a liberal leader, unlike many leaders. He has developed Damac Group further from where he left it. Sajwain is a self-made billionaire. His father has been effective in developing his leadership skills because he was his mentor. He lives to build a legacy for his family and develop the wealth of the family as his father had taught him.

Sajwain has been exposed to different people in different nations. This makes him efficient in gaining skills from various people. He works with people of different races and religious beliefs to achieve the expected results. The company has worked as a food supplying firm. This shows that he can do business in many fields.

Hussain Sajwani family

Sajwain did research and realized that the real estate business is the future in Dubai. He started investing in the business when there were minimal profits. The company has managed to become a leader in Dubai despite the harsh conditions to facilitate growth in the industry. Dubai is popular for its sophisticated structures.

The company influences the economy of the nation. It has employed more than 200 people. This makes it a source of livelihood for many people. The company is relevant in the society. The group has formed close business relationships with its partners.

Sajwain works in close collaboration with President Donald Trump. They are working towards developing a golf facility for the wealthy people in the community.

The company has invested in its customer care relations because it is the image of the enterprise. Sajwain champions community development. He recently donated millions of dollars towards needy children in Dubai. This shows that his company develops itself and also improves the society through different strategies.

Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Brian Bonar’s Success in the Finance Industry

Several years ago, the chief executive officer of the Dalrada Financial Group, Brian Bonar was named the Executive of the Year in Finance by the Cambridge Who’s Who. The awards are given to professionals and companies who excel in the finance industry. Every year, the selection committee nominates at least two males and two females for the executive category. The individuals selected must show their leadership skills, academic accomplishments, and professional achievements.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar is a finance executive who has been in the industry for the last three decades. During these years, Bonar has acquired a lot of expertise and experience, making him one of the most respected individuals in the industry. The finance executive has also earned a lot of wealth. While working as the chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, the banking executive initiated numerous positive changes.

The Dalrada Financial Group was founded several years ago to provide consumers with employee programs. These programs increase the business efficiencies in different companies.

Dalrada has been fortunate to enjoy a lot of success in business process outsourcing, insurance, and finance. With the help of Brian Bonar, the company has helped very many clients to manage their finances and at the same time protect their assets. The success of the investment company is attributed to Brian Bonar.

The successful finance executive went for his undergraduate studies at the well-known University of Strathclyde-based in Glasgow. He later went for his graduate, and doctorate degrees at the prestigious Stafford University found in the United Kingdom. His education background has enabled him to rise from one top position to the other.

Brian Bonar was appointed to work as the vice president of Dalrada Financial Corporation in the year 1994. After several months, the successful businessman proved that he was fit to become the president and CEO, a position he holds up to date.

The Scottish finance executive has worked for several companies in his successful career. Apart from being the president and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar is the CEO and president of a company known as Trucept. Bonar is also the chairman of the board of directors. The institution was previously known as Star-Tek Solution. Before joining Star-Teck, Bonar was working as the chief operating officer of Amanda.

Brian Bonar stands out from other finance executives in the industry for several reasons. He has a lot of expertise, and he is always willing to give back to the communities around him. The finance expert has been able to give to several noble causes in the country.

According to him, this is the best way to make an impact in the lives of people. Bonar is passionate about education. Because he has lived in his country for a long time, he understands the education system used, and he feels that many needy people lack adequate funding to go through their education.

Anthony Petrello Rises To Become Among The Top Paid Executives In The USA

Tony Petrello got elected to the executive committee and the board of Nabors in 1991. For 10 years, he has served in the position as the president and chief operating officer. In 2011, Petrello got elected to the post of the chief executive officer. A year later, Petrello became the chairman of the board and the executive committee. In Nabors, he develops strategic planning methods geared at providing a competitive edge in the dynamic environment.

Petrello studied law at Harvard Law School. Later, he mastered in mathematics at Yale University. In 1979, he joined Baker and McKenzie law firm. In 1986, he became a managing partner in the firms’ New York office until 1991 when he resigned. Today, Petrello skills and experienced gets utilized by several organizations. He is a director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He identifies with several philanthropic activities. Anthony continues to serve the society through Texas Children’s Hospital where he is a board member.

According to proxy statements filed for 2015, Anthony G Petrello made $ 27,512,939 in total compensation. $1,580,077 amounted to salary, $ 7,727,000 was paid as bonus, $16.863, 656 as stock and $ 1,342,206 came as other compensations. The income statements from Nabors Industries are filed yearly with the SEC. Other benefits comprise of money coming from awards and other sections that can’t fit in the major categories.

In 2014, Tony Petrello didn’t top the list of the most highly paid executives in the States. Nabors move to change its corporate governance, and compensation practices limited the executive payment to three times an executive salary. The move saw his package reduce and more money channeled to the shareholders.