Joseph Ashford – Build Culture with Values, Hard Work, and High Standards

Joseph Ashford from Bournemouth has been a successful businessman for years. He is the owner of Joseph Ashford plc, a company specializing in metalwork and steel fabrication. His journey started with humble beginnings working on his family farm during the weekdays and then going into town to buy scrap steel at night to sell it again on weekends.

After he saved up enough money, he rented out an old garage space where he could store his goods and eventually found success when people began coming back to him asking if they could buy their pieces of steel from him instead of having him get them every time.

Thus began Joseph’s venture into business ownership! This article will explore how this Bournemouth business person built a culture through values, hard work, and high standards.

Joseph’s Values: Joseph Ashford believes a good company culture values passion, integrity, teamwork, and great customer service! He believes these are the four most important things to have to be successful. His team agrees, and his employees take pride in their roles within the company related to these values. Over the years, Joseph has instilled these values in his company culture, and it has become one of the key factors to their success.

Hard Work: Joseph’s team works hard every day to get the job done right! They understand that to be successful, and they need to put in the extra effort. This starts with the owner and filters down to everyone else within the company. And it’s not just about working hard, and it’s also about working efficiently! They understand that they need to be smart with their time and use their resources in the most effective way possible.

High Standards: Joseph’s team holds themselves and each other to high standards. They know that they need to raise the bar to be the best and never become complacent constantly. This is something that Joseph has instilled in them from day one, and it is a key reason why they have been so successful to know more click here.