Ombori utilizes smart store innovation to enhance the experience of customers

Some stores offer customers real, interactive experiences. Such an interactive experience by consumers usually results in return customers or good reviews of the brand, thus providing organizations with a competitive edge. Ombori provides brands with the technology to enhance the retail experience of consumers.

Ombori is a technology organization that gives brands a platform for modular, customizable, ready-to-use solutions for interactive mobile devices and screens in the store. The organization has its headquarters in Sweden. Andreas Hassellof, its founder, is currently the head of the organization. The organization developed the talking mirror and the interactive window display technologies.

Talking mirror is a revolutionary technology installed inside the store that queries shoppers by requesting a selfie. On the other hand, the interactive window display installed by the organization on the display section allows passersby to purchase products without entering the store.

Furthermore, Ombori also provides virtual queueing systems, customer management systems, and other technological solutions for making daily retail activities more efficient. Andreas Hassellof, the brains behind the talking mirror and creator of other interactive technologies utilized at the point of purchase, recently discussed Ombori and the technology offered by the organization.

According to Andreas Hassellof, physical areas usually contain many people. Thus, brands need to prioritize generating a connection to draw in customers. The formula for generating a link between a brand and a customer comprises building a surprise, ensuring a satisfactory customer experience, and finally developing a conversion. Ombori’s leading technologies, interactive window display, and talking mirror utilize large screens as they are ideal for grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Andreas Hassellof further stated that the main objective of Ombori is to make retail store technology more fun and interactive for customers, thus benefiting the owners of stores through added sales. Talking mirrors and interactive window displays enable the organization to achieve this objective.