Ryan Kavanaugh’s Achievements and Successes in Entrepreneurship

Ryan Kavanaugh is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Mr Ryan’s parents were both pursuing professional careers; his mother was a real estate broker while his father was a dentist and an entrepreneur. Both of Ryan’s parents were a massive inspiration to him, and through their parental guidance, Ryan Kavanaugh was able to achieve his goals and dreams successfully. By the time he was 46, Ryan Kavanaugh had achieved tremendous success in several industries including, venture capitalism, film and TV production, promotional events, application development and streaming videos industries.

As an entrepreneur, Mr Ryan has experienced a lot of challenges along the way to achieving success. Mr Ryan attended the University of California Los Angeles. After attaining his bachelor’s degree, he started a small venture capital firm that got recognized and supported by several Hollywood celebrities, including Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael J Fox, and Brian Grazer. After a while, Ryan Kavanaugh started several other technology companies that helped investors gain profitable returns.

However, Mr Ryan came into the limelight after establishing Precash, a platform similar to PayPal, ApplePay and Venmo. Precash was previously known as Noventus. As more companies were leaning towards digital currency, Precash founder Ryan Kavanaugh foresaw cash being obsolete later in future, and this led him into selling the company for 400 million dollars. After achieving great success with Precash, Mr Ryan decided to shift his interest in biotechnology.

Ryan Kavanaugh became the leading investor at ZetaRX, a biotech company established by his father that aimed at developing therapies to treat several terminal diseases and different types of cancers. ZetaRX became the largest biotech company in 2014 and was later sold for a whopping 10 billion dollars. Through his venture capital investments, Mr Ryan chooses to diverge his interests in the sports and entertainment industry. Through his past entrepreneurial experiences, Mr Ryan helped create a sports agency, Independent Sports and Entertainment Group, that became the world’s largest sports agency.

Learn more about Ryan: https://www.rkavanaugh.com/