Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Hawkers Sunglasses Recap

The Hawkers Sunglasses were made by a small group of international artists, including Alejandro Betancourt, who wanted to contribute to improving the quality of life for individuals. They found that selling handmade sunglasses to these families was a profitable business and gave them the ability to spread their work using social media outlets. The Hawkers don’t just sell sunglasses; they promote education and hygiene and create public art through graffiti. They believe that these actions will help break the cycle of poverty and ultimately improve their quality of life.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, one of the four founders of the Hawkers Project, is an artist and entrepreneur. He and his two partners started Hawkers to provide younger generations with entrepreneurial education. Hawkers sell art made by young people, but that is not all. The group also teaches them how to manufacture, sell and use recycled materials to create sustainable local projects. The hawkers’ project focuses on aid by creating public art pieces, including graffiti and murals; these efforts have had positive effects within communities where they are seen as some of the most successful anti-poverty programs.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had wanted to start an organization that also benefited members of his community since he was a child. The idea for Hawkers was sparked by a desire to create something both fun and meaningful. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s passion and strength as an artist, designer, and entrepreneur set the foundation for Hawkers Project.

The Hawkers Project has seen impressive growth over the years, with its followers growing vastly on Facebook alone. Despite this growth, most of their social media efforts were centered on Facebook, becoming one of the most popular platforms for young people to interact. The different ways they have reached their audience have also evolved as they have continued to grow; they now have a dedicated Instagram account. They are actively using Snapchat to reconnect with their fans daily. They recently launched a new website to help promote their products and engage with new consumers in new ways that traditional marketing cannot reach them.