Hauser Insurance Highlights The Basics of Business Insurance

Hauser Insurance Group basic business policies.

Hauser Insurance group is a multi-location comprehensive insurance company. The Insurance company regards insurance as a key operational component for small, medium, and large businesses.

Common Business Insurance Types.

According to Hauser Insurance group, organizations should purchase recommended and legally required business insurance from licensed insurance providers.

  1. General Liability Insurance.

A general liability policy offers insurance from financial losses associated with diverse occurrences, including property damage, medical expenses, bodily injury, libel or slander, and lawsuit defense. It is suitable for all businesses.

  1. Professional Liability Insurance.

A professional liability insurance policy protects against financial losses resulting from negligence, errors, or malpractice. They are also referred to as errors and omissions insurance. The cover is highly recommended for service providers like advocates, accountants, and physicians.

  1. Product Liability Insurance.

This policy cover offers protection from financial losses resulting from the usage of a defective product that can cause bodily harm or injury. This policy cover is ideal for companies that manufacture and distribute products.

  1. Business Property Insurance.

This policy is also known as a commercial property policy. It protects businesses from damages or property loss from unforeseen events like hailstones, vandalism, windstorms, and civil disobedience. It is mostly recommended for organizations with substantial physical assets. The cover doe not cater to floods or earthquakes.

  1. Business Liability Insurance.

This cover is also known as commercial liability insurance. It protects against liability claims on such occurrences as trip and fall accidents on customers.

  1. Business Income Insurance.

A business income policy, also known as a business interruption insurance, covers the replacement of the insured’s lost income resulting from a covered loss. Such losses include damages from falling trees or building fires. The cover assists business owner in paying utility bills and other routine expenses.


Each business faces diverse risk exposures. Therefore, consulting with an experienced insurance professional like a Hauser Insurance Group agent is paramount in helping you obtain an insurance package that suits your business needs and provides overall value.