Krishen Iyer: An Entrepreneur Turned Life Coach Who Changed His Career to Help Others

Krishen Iyer has now taken on a new opportunity. He has learned from his time with Managed Benefits Services and focuses on an exciting new opportunity in marketing and consulting. Successful CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is now the founder of MAIS Consulting, which offers lead generation, advertising, and digital marketing services in Southern California. 


Krishen Iyer focuses his time on marketing and advertising for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs who have yet to start their businesses but are looking for guidance in getting things off the ground. He also focuses on helping real estate agents gain more leads for their businesses and helping them with digital marketing strategies that will increase their sales. MAIS Consulting is a perfect fit for anyone looking to get into advertising or marketing, especially those just starting. 


Global key roles 

Kris Iyer’s early career was spent with various companies in the Silicon Valley, San Diego, and New York. He got his first taste of the startup world in 1998 when he founded a company acquired by Oracle Corporation. Krishen Iyer then moved to New York, where he founded a company that was sold to Motorola, Inc. Iyer later started his consulting firm. Kris embarked on a career in entrepreneurship in 2005; he began 


MAIS Consulting to help other entrepreneurs succeed. 

Kris has spoken at several conferences and summits, including Cisco Systems, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle OpenWorld. CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is also the San Diego Entrepreneurs Outsourcing Summit (SEOS) co-organizer and San Diego Startup Week (SDSW) founder. He is also a member of the American Council for Technology & Industry Advisory Council and the National Association for Software Testing (NAST). 


Challenges in the startup world

Krishen Iyer has a message for the startup world: “There are many challenges that entrepreneurs have to face. But the opportunity to be your boss is a desirable proposition, and the startup life is not without its upsides,” he states. Iyer recalls conversing with an entrepreneur who said, “I’m passionate about what I do and want others to be too.” This is precisely how Krishen Iyer does business as well. He sees his work as providing opportunities for other entrepreneurs to succeed in whatever field they choose. MAIS Consulting focuses on healthcare solutions and excels with its expertise in branding, advertising, web design, SEO, public relations, social media engagement campaigns, blog content marketing management, PR firm management, etc.