Tom Keane: Empowering Space Development with Azure

Tom Keane’s latest article, Azure and Empowering Space Development off the Planet, details the future of online space development. Keane shares his insight into how Microsoft is leading a technology frontier and changing the face of modern-day computing. Software developer Tom Keane takes note of the development and progress with Azure, ASP.NET, and TFS. He provides various insights into the role of NASA in space exploration.


Microsoft has a history of innovation in the space industry, as Tom Keane recalls. It’s the first successful launch of the Saturn V rocket. At the heart of this mission were Microsoft’s TRS-1 and some of Microsoft’s enterprise data centers on earth. They helped provide critical computing for human space exploration.


Microsoft developers have made substantial investments in space technology through the Azure team. It will continue to move forward with more advances. It will work with NASA to continue the advancement of space travel. Software developer Tom Keane informs that they will continue to bring a unique perspective to the industry with their drive and ability to use technology as a tool to help advance society.


AI, machine learning, and bots continue to be a focus of development by Microsoft. These developments help advance their mission of empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Tom Keane details how Microsoft has created an environment that is conducive to collaboration, as well as inspiration. This environment is crucial to innovation and creating the following product or service.

Developers continue to develop toward using technology to solve inequalities, such as healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. This advancement will help make a better world for the next generation. Tom Keane writes that the rate at which technology advances is increasing the importance of having a developer-centric culture. In addition, the exponential growth of data and the Internet of Things (IoT) will create massive development opportunities. Developers are in higher demand than ever.